How do planetary returns affect us?

Q: Hi Sister Sage. There are a group of us here in Spain that read your notations regularly. From reading astrology material it states that planets come back around every so many years. For example you say Jupiter was in Scorpio about a year ago and it takes about one year in every sign or so then goes to the next sign. So what happened the last time it was in Scorpio or where it is now in Sagittarius? How does it affect us each time it returns from its full cycle around?

C.S. in Spain

A: Another great question and actually one of my favorite topics. I do believe that there are cycles, rhythms and patterns with respect to astrological changes. For example I tell people it takes about 18 months for the dragons head and tail to sit in its chosen 2 signs, then on to the next set of signs. Or I say that Jupiter depending on retrograde will take about One year in the sign it currently resides in. So basically for Jupiter it will take about 12 years to make one full revolution to come back around to that sign it was sitting in. i.e. Jupiter in Sagittarius is to end on December 20th 2007 and Jupiter won't return for another 12 years in Sagittarius.

One must know what Jupiter is and does and then what the Sign it is sitting in means and represents. The last and important part is then to know what department of your life it is touching. As you have learned there are 12 departments to each Astrology Chart. You can go to forecast button and read about what house or department it is sitting in for you currently.

Now for fun let me ask you where you were, what you were doing, (remembering), during these dates to help clairify!

February 1971 - 1972
January 1983 - 1984
January 1995 - 1996
Currently November 24th 2006 until December 20th 2007

Can you see any patterns or cycles with regards to the dates the last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius. I just learned so many things and I can say yes, there are big correlations and easily seen patterns.

On a global level we can do the "this day in history" look up. Go back and read again what Jupiter means and Sagittarius to compare these past dates with what is happening now.

Thanks for your question.

Sister Sage