Sidereal vs. Tropical time

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One of the questions that I am asked fairly often is the difference between Divine Astrology and other Astrology types and why the houses line up differently. Most Astrology is based on Sidereal/Star time, Divine Astrology is based on Tropical/Solar time. Due to this, the locations of the houses are off by one house and one sign from each other. There are proponents of both systems, and the results, in my opinion, are more accurate for Divine Astrology.

Since our daily lives are based on a Solar day, Sidereal (pronounced sigh-deer-ee-ul) seems foreign, but the description is fairly easy. Sidereal Time is literally “Star” time. Our daily lives are based on a Solar day, which is a rotation of the Earth, as well as the movement of the Earth during its revolution of the Sun. Because the Earth has moved about 1.5 million miles further along its orbit of the Sun each day, it takes another 4 minutes for the same spot on the Earth to rotate a little further along its axis and point to the center of the Sun each day. A Sidereal day references other stars much further away than our Sun and therefore does not take into account the revolution of the Earth around the Sun, therefore the additional 4 minutes needed to point back at the Sun is not required in a Sidereal day.

Here is the explanation from Wikipedia at


Sidereal time vs solar time. Above left: a distant star (the small red circle) and the Sun are at culmination, on the local meridian. Centre: only the distant star is at culmination (a mean sidereal day). Right: a few minutes later the Sun is on the local meridian again. A solar day is complete.

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The Effects of a Lunar and Solar Eclipse

Eclipses affect all of us in different ways and on many levels. It affects each and every one of us individually and then we broaden that scope out globally. Nothing and no one is immune from this natural phenomenon.

Each of us has a Birth Chart also known as a Natal Chart. The concept is to look at the Birth Chart and determine how the eclipses will affect you and to what areas of your life it will affect. A Lunar (Moon) and Solar (Sun) Eclipse represents that in which is hidden and then revealed. The hidden can be on a subconscious level, where those are not quite ready to feel, see or hear something.

Another method of hiding or hidden is by the actions of others. This is directed at those who choose to withhold from you or the public, such as important government information. We all must be careful in this revealing process, because it may come in various forms. The reveal can be through people, places, things, events circumstances or synchronicity. This includes our night dreams. Therefore, we must be paying attention.

We can be proactive participants in this process too. Each one of us can call upon the Universe or the Divine to help show us what needs to be seen, heard and revealed. Eclipses offer endings and beginnings as well as letting go of old habits only to be replaced with healthier ones. Some things must be let go of for new things to emerge.

Some people may change jobs, have new business partners or a new career all together. On a business level, companies may need to update and modernize their technology. For others they might sell their current home and move to a new location. Things that are revealed are not always on a grand scale. It can range from small to very large pieces of information. Sometimes we simply need to let go of old habits. Time to rid of outdated thinking.

“You can run, but not hide” as the old saying goes. All things are revealed in time.

In closing, to know what influence is occurring during an Eclipse is to determine what zodiac sign the eclipse is occurring (i.e. is it in the sign of Taurus?). Then determine if it is a Lunar or Solar eclipse. From there, you would look at your Birth Chart to see what area of your life that is affecting.

Example: Solar Eclipse in Taurus
Solar = Revealing
Taurus = money, banks, real estate, material possessions, finer things of life such as wines, music and day spa/resorts.
Birth Chart of someone born in February: This will touch their 4th house of home, foundation and family (mother).

Sister Sage