Dragon’s Head in Libra and Tail in Aries

March 20th, 2014 to October 9th, 2015

Written: February 20, 2014 by Rhonda Schienle

Last Reign of Libra/Aries: August 12th, 1995 to February 27th, 1997

Do you remember what was happening in your life or in the world during August, 1995 and February, 1997?
Libra/October Properties:
Governing Planet: Venus
Symbol: Scales
  • Justice department
  • Justice and injustice
  • United Nations
  • Mediation (work and experts)
  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Diplomats
  • Lawyers
  • Justice of the peace
  • Psychology
  • Contract agreements
  • Negotiations
  • Business partners
  • Marriage partners
  • Laws
  • Universal and man made laws
  • Astro-Psychology (which is what I am typing and you are reading here)
  • Feng Shui
  • Marriage counselors
  • Legal secretaries
  • Paralegals
  • Legal system (from top down)
  • Fashion Design
  • Interior design
  • Courts
  • Unions (in organizations)
  • Tai Chi and related instructors
  • Kidneys
  • Lymphatic System
Geographical locations
  • Switzerland
  • Cayman Islands
Aries/April Properties:
Governing Planet: Aries
Symbol: The Ram
  • Missiles
  • Fire
  • Nuclear
  • Ballistics
  • Stunt doubles
  • NATO
  • Department of Defense
  • Military
  • War
  • Soldiers
  • Guns
  • Generals (military)
  • Leadership
  • Visionaries
  • Warriors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Psychologists
  • Lasers (Surgery or otherwise)
  • Engineers
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Steel industry
  • Metals (copper, steel, iron, silver)
  • Race car drivers – street racing
  • Martial Arts
  • Automobiles (makers, cars themselves)
  • Head
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Brain
Geographical locations:
  • Germany
  • North Korea
  • South Korea
All of the keywords relating to these industries, organizations, people and geographical locations above will go through changes on both small and large scales.

What one puts out in the universe is simply what comes back to that individual or industry.

This is on an individual level, then on a collective level. i.e The United States and our World

Therefore the outcome to your question of what will happen to “me”, my work or life during this current Dragon's Head and Tail depends on you. This is with respect to your thoughts, actions, non-actions, responses or lack there-of. Karma is always in action.
As you look below for your birth month, you will find what 2 houses or areas of your birth chart that will be affected by this next new Dragon and Tail change.


Born October and April:
1st house of innate abilities, physical body, personality traits and 7th house of marriage, facing the world, business partners and contracts.

Born November and May:
6th house of service to the world, co-workers, work environment and 12th house of subconscious, undoing’s, dreams (day or night). Thoughts that may lay dormant-away from the conscious mind. Shadow work.

Born December and June:
5th house of love, romance, children, creativity and entertainment and 11th house of friendships, original experiences, hopes, wishes, dreams and learning something new.

Born January and July:
4th house of home, family, mother, real estate, and family foundation and 10th house of career, public standing, achievements, awards and accomplishments.

Born February and August:
3rd house of thinking, rational thinking, expressions, private thoughts, communicating, local traveling, siblings and 9th house of higher learning, education, long distance traveling, philosophies, beliefs, and mental exploration.

Born March and September:
2nd house of money, self esteem, material possessions, bank accounts and personal property, 8th house of legacy, corporate monies (like payroll, retirements, taxes), insurances, mortgages and inheritances. Legacy can also relate to buying a home, getting married, divorced, surgeries, life and death matters.
Famous people born in October:

Kelly Ripa
Jimmy Carter
Simon Cowell
Bruno Mars
Sharon Osborne
Sarah Ferguson
Katy Perry
Hilary Clinton
Julia Roberts
Bill Gates
Famous people born in April:

Paris Jackson
Robert Downey Jr.
Kristen Stewart
Hugh Heffner
David Letterman
Kourtney Kardashian
Carmen Electra
Zak Bagans
Pharrel Williams
Those born in October and April will also go through changes, much like the celebrities mentioned above.

Their changes are directly related to their 1st house and 7th house in their birth charts.

First house represents inherent or inborn gifts personality traits, souls purpose, how other people see you and outward appearance

The 7th house is how they face the world, business partners, marriage partners and verbal and written contracts, agreements and purchases.

For some there will be news of marriage or entering into new business ventures. For others there may be workings of new contracts, negotiations and with new partners.

Those born in April or October, there may be news of divorce. Some may separate and find a new way to re-establish the relationship on a “new” agreed foundation. Sometimes as they say, something has to give and crumble before a rebuild can take place.

This also indicates gifts and talents that either are not being used or have lay dormant for quite some time, the universe will do all kinds of things to get you to look at, notice and see what those gifts are. Not only notice these abilities, but to utilize them.

After the complete 18 months or so of this new dragons head and tail, one typically comes out on the other side of it, with a new perspective, see life differently and hence, face the world in a whole new light and manner.

For those born in October, learning to harness the Universal laws as well as the Man made laws are of importance. I.e. Universal laws of karma, law of attraction, nature, abundance and so on is key to your birth month. Man-made laws are what we here on earth must abide by, but there is a higher law, that is at times forgotten’ Universal Laws.

Those also born in October have a natural gift in the realm of Psychology, Law and Mediators; these are just a few natural inborn gifts to this birth month. Also they have a keen sense of tapping both sides of the brain easily. When in mid-brain is where we here the term “Medium.” So you have natural tendencies for mediumship abilities. It’s up to you to harness this.

Those born in the month of April, major changes that will affect your first house in a big way. Your physical self is the first house as well as your inborn gifts, talents and souls purpose take place. This is a good time to trust that the Universe is trying to move you on an inner level discovery and will do just about anything to get you there. Either there is a tap at the door or a sledgehammer to the noggin as they say. Resistance to change or challenge is not recommended with this influence of Aries/Libra. If you trust that the Universe is working in perfect order and to the greater good, this will be very helpful to and for you.

Find balance in all that you do; for those born in April and October. If this requires some tai chi, meditation or learning some Feng Shui to balance mind, body and spirit; then do it.

So those born in October, look for those born in April to help you with further entrepreneurial ventures and even marriage partners! Born in April, look for those born in October to assist you in balancing your life, inner and outer worlds. This is the general rule, so make sure you do a full natal chart/compatibility before leaping too far.
All of the keywords relating to these industries, organizations, people and geographical locations above will go through changes on both a small and large scales.

What one puts out in the universe is simply what comes back to that individual or industry.

This is on an individual level, then on a collective level (i.e. The United States and our World)

Therefore the outcome to your question of what will happen to “me”, my work or life during this current Dragon's Head and Tail depends on you. This is with respect to your thoughts, actions, non-actions, responses or lack thereof. Karma is in action. And which 2 departments of your birth chart this new change is affecting.

The following are the types of changes and restructuring we will see in the coming months:

Technological Industries:
Defense missiles
Steel production
Star wars like weaponry

Movie industries:
Movies about justice or justice system.
Marriage and love
Military type movies
Action figure heroes
Race cars/racing

We might see an influx of movies about these subjects.


Most major changes will occur during the months of April and October, until October 9th, 2015.

As mentioned, refer to all the keywords, geographical and technological areas these 2 signs affect.

Major restructure, change and challenges in all these areas. This includes those who work in these areas.

We will see these areas on the news and social media way more than usual. They will be trending news.

New laws on the books that affect gun control to the use of firearms all together.

Major changes and restructure from the department of defense and the Justice departments. New laws, rules, regulations and means of daily operation.

More gay right marriages/laws will be highly discussed during these 18 months, way more than in times passed. The sign of Libra rules marriages, laws and negotiations.

We may see an influx of news on our Steel industry. Whether this is regarding a higher demand, restructuring or organizing of business or all of these above. Expect major changes in this area.

It is more likely during this Aries/Libra reign, to have new rules for contact sports such as football, boxing and kickboxing for protective measures. Aries rules the head area. This may affect the racecar drivers as well for the same reasons.

Since Aries rules military, weaponry, fire and including war, we need to be mindful that we can tap the Libra energy of diplomacy, agreements and negotiations to hopefully negate any war. Hoping cool heads prevail. The word diplomacy is key here.

As mentioned Aries rules fire, so let’s hope no major fires either of intentional fires being set or Mother Nature showing her power. Just be aware of your surroundings.

From a Libra stance, there will be a rise and encouragement on the front of meditation, tai chi and other relaxation techniques. We may see this included more at the work place at it shows its rewards toward good health and beneficial business results.

Since Libra rules the Cayman Islands and Switzerland, we may see more people trying to invest their monies in these locations and at the same time, a crack down to stopping this from happening.
Other news out of Switzerland will be wonderful skin products. It’s all about beautiful skin and aging gracefully.

We also may begin to see higher than average missile launches and testing. This may come from the North Korea area.

Germany in the news more than usual. We can see major changes within their own government, military laws and restructuring and all the way even to their BMW/Volkswagen automakers.

On a medical front, new and innovative products/treatments for Kidney (Nephrology), Lymphatic system and head maladies. For the head (head, eyes, hears, brain) this can be anything from migraine sufferers, strokes, aneurysms and anything that affects this area. New treatments, concepts and trial base drugs will be in the forefront. For the kidneys, new treatments for dialysis to other kidney function related issues.

With regards to the Justice Dept/New Laws; Major new laws and regulations coming down the line. Some examples might be “the stand your ground law.” Using this because it is one that had been in the news for months. Where justice has not been served, it will be by new laws and regulations. Knives, guns and even arson laws will be in the news way more than usual.

On a great note, Aries rules the Entrepreneurial and leadership areas. After this 18-month reign of Libra/Aries, there ought to be innovative and wonderful new products, businesses and concepts; especially as it relates to all the key words I shared above.

Not just man-made laws that are of higher trending discussions, but so will Universal Laws. More discussions and use of these theories and principles are on the rise, especially during this Libra/Aries time frame.

Remember; use diplomacy in all business and personal matters. Utilize the Aries energies, for some wonderful ventures, entrepreneurial endeavors and tap that spiritual warrior within to balance out the mind, body and spirit.

Universal Laws:
  • NO agreements during a mercury in retrograde is a big rule.
  • Making agreements and signing contracts between the New and Full Moons the light is green and good to go!
  • Watch for all retrograde motions with planets.

Thank you and safe astrological journeys.

Sister Sage