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As above, so below
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Is there a cosmic or divine order that has rhyme and reason under the heavens? As our personal journey unfolds are there times and seasons where we have recognized history repeating itself? Let’s explore these theories as it relates to astrological cycles from years past to current day on an individual, collective and global level.
“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”

~ Carl Jung
“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

~ Hermes Trismegistus

Gratitude Mentions

Thank you all for your amazing support to my passion to Divine Astrology. What a privilege to assist you in reading your stars for 2021 and beyond.
Coven 88
Auriel Grace
WBHM-DB - Kat Hobson - Thank you for your kind request to have me on your show Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern.

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Founder and owner of Coven 88, Crystal Taylor, your recommendations are so appreciated.

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Auriel Grace - Founder of A Gang of Girls radio, Author and Practical Psychic. In September 2021, “The Spiritual Show” will be the new name.

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Special Announcement and Invitation

World AWAKE Virtual Conference/Retreat

Ancient Wisdom and Spiritual Practices:
For Healing, Peace and Transformation

All Are Welcome

Conference dates and times:
Friday, November 5th, 2021 - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM ET
Saturday, November 6th, 2021 - 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM ET

don Jose Ruiz
Keynote Speaker: don Jose Ruiz
don Jose Ruiz is the international bestselling author of The Fifth Agreement. As a Toltec Master of Transformation and Modern day Shaman, he has dedicated his life to sharing the wisdom of the ancient Toltec through his books, lectures, and journeys to sacred sites around the world. He will be discussing The Medicine Bag: Shamanic Rituals and Ceremonies for Personal Transformation.
Guest Speaker: Ani Williams
Ani Williams is world-renowned for more than two-dozen albums of original music based on ancient spiritual traditions. Ani will be talking about the wisdom, meaning and usefulness of sound alchemy. She has studied the relationship between musical tones, voice and healing. Rev. Rhonda Schienle was privileged to have been on a Pilgrimage in France and Spain with Ani in 2016.
Ani Williams
Additional Topics and Events
Feng Shui
Sacred Sites of France and Spain
Rainbow Candle Lighting
Compassion Cafe Luncheon
Raffles and More
Zen Wisdom
Jingle Dress Dance
Early Bird Registration: $99.00

Registering automatically puts your name in for the raffles and an opportunity for a 1-year free membership to World AWAKE.

Registration after October 1st, 2021: $125.00

August Happenings

Leo represents in Divine Astrology the full month of August. The Sun entered Leo on July 22nd, 2021.

Jupiter the lucky planet has touched the creative sign of Pisces and now is back in Aquarius for several months. It actually went back to Aquarius on July 28th. Once it is finished, it will go into Pisces once again for almost a year.

So those born in February, although its retrograde does not mean it is negative, if anything, it offers an opportunity for “inner” vision. After all, you are the visionaries of the Zodiac (Aquarius).
For the rest of us and this Jupiter back in Aquarius, it is a real good time to look at the inner realms. A good example is find your inner geek, nerd and creative genius. We all have it in our charts. Perhaps it is for business, a book, how to cook differently or anything for that matter. Put a new age spin on it. Think outside of the box says Aquarius.

Venus has gone into Virgo on July 21st and will be there until August 16t. So those born in September may have a better money flow. It also represents love, passion and beauty. Time to pamper yourself Virgo’s and have a nice meal prepared for you.

Lion's Gate (Gateway)

My wonderful cosmic friends and stargazers, there is something ever so special about the month of August. The cosmic alignment commences Sunday August 8th, 2021, with New Moon in Leo at 9:50 AM EST.

This allows the physical and spiritual realms to be opened to access download, receive and tap the Ethers with better ease. The portal opening is indicated by an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius. When Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belts directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza and to our human perspective on Earth. It will appear as if Sirius comes closer to the Earth.

Suggestion: 72 hours prior and post August 8th, 2021-Prior to sleeping, ask and write your questions to the Divine of what you want to know. Journal your dreams, epiphanies and synchronicities that you receive.

New and Full Moon, Retrogrades and Effects

New Moon: Sunday, August 8th, 2021 in Leo 9:50 AM ET
  • Start new projects
  • Sign agreements
  • Plant ideas
Full Moon: Sunday August 22nd, 2021 in Aquarius/Pisces at 8:02 AM ET
  • Time to release
  • Let go
  • Thank the Divine for lessons learned
Retrogrades: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto (time to go within, look within, bring it inward)
Matters that involve death and rebirth

Leo Keywords

Leo Gypsy
Leo is governed by the Sun. Wherever the Sun sits in your chart, it wants you to shine. Right now it is in August/Leo.
  • King
  • Queen
  • Performing Arts
  • Light workers
  • Educational teachers - higher education
  • Promoting knowledge
  • Famous/Infamous
  • Movie productions
  • Models/modeling
Now look below to see where your Leo is by birth month:
Solar Planet lineup

Where Is Your Leo?

September: 12th house of subconscious, collective past lives, emotional blocks, accumulation of subconscious memories

October: 11th house of wishes, friends, original experiences and your organization affiliations

November: 10th house of career, public standing and accomplishments

December: 9th house of higher learning, spiritual beliefs, travel, philosophies

January: 8th house of legacy, corporate monies/investments, metaphysical faces of life and death/death and rebirth

February: 7th house of marriage partners, partnerships, agreements, facing the world

March: 6th house of service to the world (volunteer or work) daily health regimen, co-workers

April: 5th house of love, romance, creativity, children

May: 4th house of foundation, home, family (mother)

June: 3rd house of critical thinking, short travels, siblings

July: 2nd house of monies, self-esteem and material possessions

August: 1st house of gifts, innate gifts and abilities
Sister Sage
Until next time, Safe Astrological Journeys

~ Sister Sage
© 2021 - Rev. Dr. Rhonda Schienle

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