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Exciting News Everyone!

New AstroPsychology specials for 2022 are available now.

2022 Forecast Reading Special: $75.00

  • 1 hour reading via Zoom or phone call
  • Discussion on the major astrological changes
  • How it influences your birth chart
  • Copy of Birth chart and Current Influences
  • 10-page typed forecast for your birth month
  • Ask any questions you may have
Once you submit payment, Sister Sage will email you to schedule a date and time for reading. I will need your name, date of birth, city, state, and country of birth. Exact time of birth is great, if you have it. If you have not received email with 24 hours please email Sister Sage at

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Is there a cosmic or divine order that has rhyme and reason under the heavens? As our personal journey unfolds are there times and seasons where we have recognized history repeating itself? Let’s explore these theories as it relates to astrological cycles from years past to current day on an individual, collective and global level.
“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”

~ Carl Jung
“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

~ Hermes Trismegistus

Gratitude Mentions

Thank you all for your amazing support to my passion to Divine Astrology. What a privilege to assist you in reading your stars for 2021 and beyond.
Auriel Grace
Mindful Radio
Auriel Grace - Founder of A Gang of Girls radio, Author and Practical Psychic. In September 2021, “The Spiritual Show” will be the new name.

Auriel Grace link
A Gang of Girls link
Kealah Parkinson - Communications Coach, Radio Hostess, Author and Speaker.

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Kat Hobson - WBHM-DB - Thank you for your kind request to have me on your show Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern.

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Happy New Year

January Happenings

We have arrived into a New Year. It may even feel like a new paradigm or world to many. A new Dragons Head and Tail have commenced, Jupiter has changed signs and this may be why you are feeling or witnessing.

Let’s talk about January which is in the sign of Capricorn. The Sun now is shining ever so brightly in this sign. Wherever the Sun is, it's giving life, sustenance and of course amazing light.

Capricorn that is ruled by the strict, karmic and teacher planet which is Saturn.
Oh how Saturn wants you to understand and get the lessons right. It is truly done with love and natural progression of course-correcting you to get you on your true path. Not only get you on your true path, but done with authentic alignment and purpose.

Capricorn/Saturn is about structure. So allow me to help with this structuring. I am born in January and this is something I am naturally able to do as well as an AstroPsychologist.

Preparing, Planning and Executing

New Year
Preparing: What do you need to prepare for 2022? Is it money, a calendar, organizing etc? Do you have the retrograde dates handy?

Planning: So take the time to look at the overview of 2022 and how would you like to structure your time, work, home, achievements and so forth? Get the calendar out and organize the plan.

Executing: Having these top two tiers in place, now it is time to execute the plan you have prepared into action.

New and Full Moon, Retrogrades and Effects

New Moon: January 2nd, 2022 in Capricorn
Full Moon: January 17th, 2022 in Cancer/Leo

Retrograde Dates:
Uranus: 8/19/2021 to 1/18/22
Venus: 12/19/2021 to 1/29/2022
Mercury: 1/14/2022 to 02/03/2022

Capricorn Keywords

  • Infrastructure/Structure
  • Organize
  • Detailed
  • Antiques/Architecture
  • Disciplined
  • Labor Intensive
  • Father Figure
  • Authoritarian
  • Karma
  • Real Estate
  • Homes/Builders
  • Government
  • Engineers (Structural, Hardware, Software, etc.)
  • City workers, planners
  • Psychologists
  • Teeth
  • Skeletal system
  • England

Where is Your Capricorn

November: 3rd house of critical thinking, short travels, siblings

December: 2nd house of monies, self-esteem and material possessions

January: 1st house of gifts, innate gifts and abilities

February: 12th house of subconscious, collective past lives, emotional blocks, accumulation of subconscious memories

March: 11th house of wishes, friends, original experiences and your organization affiliations

April: 10th house of career, public standing and accomplishments

May: 9th house of higher learning, spiritual beliefs, travel, philosophies

June: 8th house of legacy, corporate monies/investments, metaphysical faces of life and death/death and rebirth

July: 7th house of marriage partners, partnerships, agreements, facing the world

August: 6th house of service to the world (volunteer or work) daily health regimen, co-workers

September: 5th house of love, romance, creativity, children

October: 4th house of foundation, home, family (mother)
What this is really doing for us is to show us our own changes, growth and inner workings and it is playing out like on a screen from a projector. I tend to say, those friendships who are both female or a mother and daughter type relationship of family will begin to show up in ways that are similar to what I just shared. They are working out “what I desire” for myself that she may have or that “I may be lacking.” It appears to be more noticeable as I have been watching this for about 20 years now.

A good tip here is to know these dates, observe and allow it to show you your changes and be okay with what is being presented. Journal if it helps to see how this is unfolding. Remember, there are things before you that are showing and teaching you. It could be confirmation of your growth too.

So order your reading now and find out where your Venus is sitting in your chart. Get updated on these major cosmic shifts.

Let’s rock into the New Year!

Sister Sage
Until next time, Safe Astrological Journeys

~ Sister Sage
© 2021 - Rev. Dr. Rhonda Schienle

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