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Issue 64
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February, 2023 Newsletter, !!!firstname!!!,

Forecasting 2022 and 2023
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Valentie's Day, 2023

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Gratitude Mentions

A super gratitude mention to Kealah Parkinson with “Tune In” radio for your Mind, Body and Soul at as we had our annual Sister Sage interview. Another New Year predictions and forecasting for 2023.

We covered many different cosmic changes, including past predictions I have made that came true.

What is important to know, as I prepare a custom and fully typed predictions, with dates and times, Kealah receives a copy as she follows my predictions throughout the year. I also mentioned some of these on her radio show.
You too can purchase a copy of these custom predictions and forecasting for 2023 for $23.00 by going to

What was shared that is happening right now and it is rare when it does, is having all planets moving forward. You may begin to feel a fast bolt of energy or wanting to do things. Why? Because when all the planets move direct, it is felt and it is time to get your plans in motion. It is like going from quiet and reserved to expressive and active.

February/Aquarius Influences

Windfall Art
We have a full moon in Leo on February 5th, 2023. This means as you receive this newsletter, we still are in that awesome window to prepare, plan and execute your wishes. This is a phenomenal time to plan out your 2023.

The month of February or Aquarius speaks volumes. It brings forth the understanding of humanitarian efforts and how we all can participate.

It is calling forth the innovative and creative ways to do things. Combine these in February for your projects.
The symbol is the Aquarian Vase. It represents wisdom and knowledge being poured to help and empower your peoples. It wants to help bring the human race forward and to the greater good of all involved.

This is a great time to inform everyone how powerful 2023 is going to be. As we begin to unfold this year, I will be writing, doing readings and sharing more of why this is happening.

First, we have Saturn that sits in a sign for 2.5 years getting ready to leave Aquarius and go into Pisces. This will create its own restructuring, discipline and learning influences.

After almost an entire generation of time, Pluto will touch Aquarius ever so briefly in May to June. As one of the keywords or definitions of Pluto is the generation identification planet. For example, Pluto in Leo was during the time of our Baby Boomers. This gives you some insight already how powerful it is. For now and in short, we will feel this energy and influence come in.

Then it will retrograde back into Capricorn. This phase will be its final time to clean up old paradigms, rigid belief systems and outdated political regimes and governments.

Cosmic Grounding Tips

Astro Art
  • Walking barefoot in grass
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Being in Nature
  • Lighting candles
  • Epsom salt baths
  • Affirmations
  • Crystals and Salt Lamps displayed around special places that resonate with you.

Find Your Birth Month Below/Your Aquarius

Keywords + Information: Humanitarian, wisdom bearer, new age, computers, technology, innovators, electronics, Quantum concepts, aeronautics, engineers, scientific, Nasa, UFO, earthquakes, tsunamis,

Geographical: Japan

Anatomical: Electrical part of body/heart, sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous system

October: Fifth house of love, romance, children, creativity and speculations

November: Fourth house of home, family, foundation and represents the mother or mother qualities

December: Third house of thinking, critical thinking, siblings, short trips, communications, expressions, reading, writing

January: Second house of self esteem, self worth, material possessions, monies (bank account)

February: First house of innate gifts and abilities

March: Twelfth house of subconscious, accumulate past lives, emotional blocks

April: Eleventh house of wishes, friends, original experiences, groups, organizations and affiliations

May: Tenth house of career, achievements, public standing and recognition

June: Ninth house of higher learning, mental exploration, philosophical, theological, travel, spiritual beliefs

July: Eighth house of legacy, inheritances, corporate monies, investments, insurances

August: Seventh house of marriage, partnerships, agreements, facing the world

September: Sixth house of service to the world, daily health regimens, volunteerism, co workers
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~ Sister Sage
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