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Issue 67
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June, 2023 Newsletter, !!!firstname!!!,

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Dads, Grads, Newlyweds

Dads, Grads and Newlyweds

We are celebrating you this Summer!

It is a fantastic gift to give another Soul. Divine AstroPsychology covers so many areas of life. From career path, love, marriage, moving, legacy, inherent gifts and talents and so much more.

$75.00 Dads, Grads and Newlyweds Special
June 1st, 2023 to August 31st, 2023 Sister Sage is offering for any Dad, Grad or Newlyweds (couples) 1 hour reading with any questions you may have via Zoom and recording included. 1 special report (PDF) of your choice below is a part of this special.

Option of reports: Career Path, Starmatch/Compatibility for couples, Global Predictions from July 12th, 2023 to January 28th, 2025

June/Gemini Influences

Windfall Art
Let’s get right down to how much change, course correction and revelations have occurred since April 20th, 2023 up to May 31st, 2023.

This past Mercury retrograde and eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio for many have done alot of these types of changes and challenges.

I have been asked, what purpose do these influences and energies serve?

Answer, to really reveal to us which is the next best way to go. For some we may be traveling down the wrong road or simply missed a turn off the highway. It reveals what we need to do to course correct.
All the reason why the Universe is perfect, divine and helpful to our Soul's journey and purpose.

We go into the month of June with a beautiful and beneficial sign of Jupiter in Taurus to lighten the load. This is inviting you for approximately one year from now to really treat yourself good. Some folks are fixing their home, some taking a little longer vacation and or even a home staycation.

Taurus likes the finer things in life, so find those special things that make your day light up and feel good.

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde
On June 10th, 2023 Pluto will be stationed at 00 degrees and 00 minutes in retrograde.

As mentioned previous Facebook lives and newsletters, these past couple of months have shown us its power when sitting in the sign of Aquarius. Now Pluto goes back into Capricorn for its final clean up and that is what it does. Anything with government, regimes, structures, outdated hierarchies and improper use of power struggles will be once and for all dealt with.

Information comes to light, what was hidden and latent is now known to the world for course correction. One can only hold a beach ball under water for so long. These are universal laws and principles.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Many are voicing their sentiments on the passing of Tina Turner. She was a magnificent singer, dancer, mother, friend, wife and to many women, a powerhouse to admire.

Venus is the planet of Love. She spoke of this in her music and interviews. So much about love.

This is love with our children, friends, a partner, fellow human beings, pets and the list is endless.

Mars is the action planet. How do you go about love? Ones love can be from a possessive standpoint, unconditional or desperation. These are just a few possibilities.
With Venus and Mars in Leo beginning June 5th and throughout the rest of June, give thought to this concept of love and how you display your affections.

Mars has intensity, while Venus has soft and gentleness. How do you harmonize these energies where they are not too strong or not noticed?

These are to all your beloveds in the world. A great time to contemplate your love, commitments and priorities.
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