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Issue 69
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August/Leo Influences

Windfall Art
Welcome to the world of Leo the Lion and Lioness.

The Sun governs the sign of Leo. That in Divine Astrology means the entire month of August.

The Sun provides our Vitamin D, nurturance and sustenance. Wherever the Sun is residing in any chart is where it is promoting light, love and all of life’s sustenance.

When the term “Lightworker” is used, you can now get a better understanding of its purpose and need in our world.

The Lion's Gate

Lions Gate
Every August, we have this powerful cosmic alignment and influence.

This will occur on Tuesday, August 8th, 2023. However the energies 3 days prior and 3 days post are just as potent as the day of.

This is a portal opening due to an alignment between the Earth and the Star Sirius. When Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza and to our humaneness here on Earth.
The affects of this tend to harmonize and tap our own human physical, spiritual and Ether realms. We are of mind, body and spirit. Some people get prophetic or powerful night dreams. Others may receive downloads, synchronicities on a heightened level. This alignment makes this quite easy and much like a very thin veil.

Suggestion: 72 hours prior and post August 8th, prior to sleeping, ask and write your questions to the Divine of what you want to know.

Journal your dreams, epiphanies and synchronicities that you receive.

Retrograde Importance

Retro Telephone
Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune will all be retrograde, even if they commenced at different times, we will experience all of them.

What is really important to note during this month is these retrogrades are introspection time. Do not think that what is happening is permanent. Things are changing. The Universe really is working in your favor and awaiting the right time, moment and place for what needs to unfold for you.
If it pertains to relationships for example, allow it to flow, change or restructure the way it needs to for now. Once Venus and these other planets go direct, it works itself out the way it needs to. There is an old adage or saying that it all comes out right in the wash. This applies here.

A job is another example, what may be happening right now might change after Saturn and this last clean sweep from Pluto. It may actually be protecting a better long term plan that is not quite visible right now, but perhaps later it will. Trust this cosmic process.
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~ Sister Sage
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