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Issue 70
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September/Virgo Influences

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Virgo/September is the sign and month that gives us insight to that of health and vitality.

To be more specific as Virgo is very detailed, this sign is asking you to take a further look into your daily health regimen. This includes Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

Even more so now as we are currently in a Mercury retrograde in the sign of Virgo. Therefore as in any retrograde, it is a time to reflect and review your health strategies. It is all about the inner work to help navigate the outer self.

Retrograde Introspection

Planets Aligned
As I write this newsletter it is felt in every day work, conversations and hearing from many of you about these retrograde effects.

Thankfully, I do not have to say this every year, but this is the year we have multiple planets in retrograde, right at this moment.

Most of us want to know what to make of all these retrogrades. Let’s make sure we pull ourselves to wide angle view or eagle in flight view. The truth is, it is providing changes or corrections to our highest good.

These changes can occur with sometimes lightning fast circumstances that create a dramatic shift. Sometimes it is epiphanies or finally realizing repeating the same thing doesn’t fix anything.
Recently we had the blessings of the Lion's Gate to help us with downloads, epiphanies, insights and informative night dreams. We may want to pull those very special wisdom offerings to help us navigate and guide us through these retrogrades.

The Cosmic Code always gives and blesses us as much as course correcting us on our due north purpose.

Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Venus and Uranus Retrograde

Venus thankfully goes direct September 3rd, 2023.

Jupiter goes direct September 4th, 2023

Mercury will join these on September 15th, 2023.

After Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, we will be slowly coming out of these in the coming months to the end of the year.

Pace yourself while allowing a natural flow to occur. No force and no resistance.

Moon Phase Dates

Moon Phase
New Moon - September 14th, 2023 in Virgo
Plant your wishes and nurture them. A good time as Mercury will go direct the next day on the 15th.

Full Moon - September 29th, 2023 in Aries
A great time to release and recognize job well done for navigating these inner and outer shifts.
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~ Sister Sage
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