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Tribute to Lily Adele

February represents the month of Love. The month of Valentines and Aquarius which represents the beats of our hearts due to the electrical components in our body. Our hearts want to pay tribute to a special and beloved pet, Lily Adele. She touched our hearts in more ways than words could ever describe.

Lily Adele was rescued at almost 6 months old by a Minister in Northwest Indiana. She rushed Lily to a Vet hospital after being spotted on a highway with no food and her prognosis in that moment was not good.

The Vet hospital was informing the Minister she was approximately 7 months old and putting her Birthdate around March 27th, 2014.
Once Lily was doing a little better, the Minister brought her to the Church and that is where I first saw her and fell in love. Her cute face was looking out the big window at the church, which is something Lily Adele enjoyed. She continued to do for all the beautiful years we were blessed and graced to have her. Mike and I became her parents that evening and we were blessed for almost 9 and a half years with this precious baby.

Lily Adele's name came into being when the Minister knew she was born during a Spring month. Like a spring Lily, she was to shine and grow. When she saw Lily on the side of the highway, there happened to be a song being played on the car radio, by Adele. Lily Adele would be her name. A perfect naming of this precious angel.

The photo of Lily Adele next to one of my books has been another part of her personality. She loved being my co-worker. You see, Lily, in Divine Astrology was a Pisces, with her Sun sign in Aries. Oh yes, even our beloved pets take on some of the characteristics of the Zodiac influences.
Pisces loves love, and loves to love. They love to help anyone, strangers and all and are so dramatic sometimes in the way they express that help, comfort and companionship. She wanted to be in any and every photo.

Lily always wanted to be helpful in signing my books, doing live talks on social media or anything to show her being my co-working buddy. She shined while doing it. Her light commanded any room she was standing in.

Thank You for showing us bravery, courage and that innocent love you exuded Lily Adele in all your Piscean charm. Blessed Be XOXO


Windfall Art
Commence the song, “Age of Aquarius” because that is where we are at as of January 20th, 2024.

Now that officially Pluto went into Aquarius, many are feeling this shift is faced paced and innovative energy.

Aquarius rules the electrical/heart components in our bodies. Anything to do with Aeronautics, new age technology, shocking and unusual news or information, UFO’s and eccentric is just a few of the Aquarian keywords . On a geographical stage, it rules Japan. This energy can produce earthquakes, volcano’s erupting and tsunamis.
So it is time to put on your thinking caps and go outside of the box and approach life in a more expansive and innovative way.

Aquarian Energies

The month of Love! Yes, we have Valentines this month and all the energies of Aquarius which is about our humanity that is filled with love to all of the Divine’s creation.

Showing self love and extending it outward across the ethers is a powerful way to utilize this energy in February. It is at anytime, but significant in this particular month.

The month offers us a New Moon in Aquarius on Friday February 9th. We also have the Lunar New Year of the Dragon on Saturday February 10th.

This is a great time to send out nice Valentine cards, connect and collaborate with groups, because this is what Aquarius is all about.

Moon and Planet Changes

Venus: On February 16th, the planet Venus, which is of love, beauty and money will commence and last until March 11th 2024. It sits between this New and Full Moon and offers a great time to buy that something special for you or a loved one.

Full Moon: commences in the sign of Virgo 7:30 AM EST on Saturday February 24th, 2024. Time to take this Full Moon energy, release, give thanks and a letting go. Enjoy the extra love because we have a Leap Day, February 29th, 2024.
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