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March/Pisces Influences

The month of March holds the Piscean energy. Pisces is governed by the planet Neptune, the ruler of the seas and water ways. It also rules Hawaii, Middle East, Egypt, Guam.

As you see in the image of the two fishes, this image holds many different symbolic, figurative and literal meanings.

It begins with our deepest inner philosophical and spiritual beliefs. The upper fish, wants to help us swim up stream toward our sacred truths, spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.
While the other fish tends to be the antagonist, where we may have fears, doubts, confusion, uncertainty and may lead us to the undercurrent and feel lost in our journey. It is like when the water is muddy and murky, we cannot see right in front of us.

This is where we harness the energies of the fish swimming upstream by claiming our being, faith and call upon divine guidance. When quiet and in the stillness, the water and sand settles, we see clearly and begin to swim with more ease.

Spring Renewal

This month brings our Daylight savings time on March 10th, 2024. It also is a New Moon in Pisces at 5:00 AM EST. By evening time, the moon will have already begun its journey into Aries.

March 10th, New Moon to March 25th, Full Moon we are experiencing shifts as the month unfolds.
Toward the end of the month on March 19th, with the Sun entering Aries, is where an increase of active energy begins.

As mentioned, the planet Neptune is the ruler of the open seas, oceans and water ways. There seems to be an undercurrent swirling, symbolically speaking, bringing things from the depths of our inner selves to the surface. Much like bubbles from way down in the water trying to make their way to the surface. It is implying what we truly need to look at, know, acknowledge, hear or learn what is stirring within us. This is individually and collectively through out our entire world.

Our Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Libra on March 25th, 2024 is where the pull and tugging from that which is hidden within us, like the murky water, is trying to make its way out to the open to transmute it. Libra (Full Moon) is the scale trying to bring forth balance. It also rules justice, truth and fairness. So we may see more in the media and social media with information seeing the light of day. That which is hidden must be seen.

For us individually this beautiful Libran energy of the Full Moon/Eclipse wants us to harmonize our inner and outer worlds.

Renewal and Rebirth

A very Happy Easter to all who celebrate this sacred holy-day.

Good Friday will be March 29th and Easter will be March 31st, 2024, during this powerful Eclipse time.

The timing is powerful to recognize how amazing nature, which includes our cosmos, helps us along our journey, for our symbolic caterpillar that becomes the majestic butterfly.

The end of March and all of April we will be going through our transformation. From caterpillar, cocoon to butterfly.
A good time to journal what is being shown to you either in relationships, situations, dreams or feelings.

Question: How do we lighten the load?

Suggestion: By allowing them to come to the surface and be acknowledged, thank them for the lessons and how it served you, can lift that weight off of you and lighten the load. Harmonize the inner and outer you! Hello Butterfly.
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