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Issue 78
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April/Aries Influences

Aries is governed by the planet of Mars. It is action oriented. In Greek Mythology Mars is known as the Lord of Wars.

This term “Wars” does not always mean actual war. It can also imply verbal, internal war or battle with one's self and of course, yes, wars among nations.

Solar Eclipse

April 8th, 2024 Solar Eclipse

It is very important to understand that Eclipses fall upon where the Dragon's Head and Dragon’s Tail are residing.

That is Aries/April and Libra/October for this cycle.

Any sign the current Dragon's Head and Tail are residing indicates a restructure, change, course correction. What is not known, is what will precipitate the change or restructure.
Being that it is in Aries, it may be about the Military, its laws or the nature of War. It could also be about weapons, guns, fire and or ballistics. These are keywords for Aries/Mars. Keep in mind, this is individually and collectively throughout our entire world.

Geographically speaking, Aries rules Germany and Libra is Switzerland. We may see news or information being brought to light from these regions. Sometimes the news can come in a form of change, course correction or restructuring.

This Eclipse has been noted to be following a trajectory across several states here in the U.S. for example through Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri and others.

What is important to know about these Eclipses are they are trying to bring truth and knowledge to light. Light is Knowledge. Light is Truth.

It also is helping us get on to our individual paths and purpose. It does this by course correcting and revealing to us what needs to be revealed.

Good news, having the New Moon on April 8th 2024 at 2:21 PM EST, is to Spring A-New with those revelations.

Mercury Retrograde

We Repeat
Mercury Retrograde begins April 1st, 2024 6:14 PM EST to April 25th, 2024 in Aries at 27 degrees.

A time to look at your Birth Month below and determine what areas of your life can be viewed for revelations, learning, healing and course correcting (your path and purpose)

Get your journals out and jot down your night dreams, epiphanies and prompts from the Divine.

Determine your Birth Month

Your birth month will tell you where your Aries is in your chart

April: First house of innate gifts and abilities

May: Twelfth house of subconscious, accumulate past lives, emotional blocks

June: Eleventh house of wishes, friends, original experiences, groups, organizations and affiliations

July:Tenth house of career, achievements, public standing and recognition

August: Ninth house of higher learning, mental exploration, philosophical, theological, travel, spiritual beliefs

September: Eighth house of legacy, inheritances, corporate monies, investments, insurances,

October: Seventh house of marriage, partnerships, agreements, facing the world

November: Sixth house of service to the world, daily health regimens, volunteerism, co workers

December: Fifth house of love, romance, children, creativity and speculations

January: Fourth house of home, family, foundation and represents the mother or mother qualities

February: Third house of thinking, critical thinking, siblings, short trips, communications, expressions, reading, writing

March: Second house of self esteem, self worth, material possessions, monies (bank account)
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