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Sister Sage's Trick or Treat October 2019 Newsletter

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Sister Sage Astrological Journey Continues Cover
Is there a cosmic or divine order that has rhyme and reason under the heavens? As our personal journey unfolds are there times and seasons where we have recognized history repeating itself? Let’s explore these theories as it relates to astrological cycles from years past to current day on an individual, collective and global level.
“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”

~ Carl Jung
“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

~ Hermes Trismegistus

Gratitude Mentions

Para Mysteries
Thank you Teal Gray with Para Mysteries Blog Talk Radio for your invitation to have me on Tuesday October 29th, 2019 at 5:00 PM CST.

Listen to the show from September:
I am so grateful for continued orders on my book via Amazon and CreateSpace. Thank you so very much.

Thank you amazing friends who have contacted me for private readings and inquiring about my upcoming 20 year celebration special for December 2019!

Cosmic Celebrations - 20 Year Anniversary

As I write this, we are about to celebrate in style with a new Karmic Law website and Sister Sage 20 year anniversary special.

The next newsletter will inform you of how to order a live Zoom reading with a 2020 forecast in PDF that is written by me and emailed to you.

We have major changes upcoming in December 2019 and for our new year in 2020.
Cosmic Celebration

November Cosmic Influences

My wonderful stargazing friends, my predictions for October were spot on with the Full Moon energies in Aries. I mentioned the high octane, war, weapons and fire.

It is unfortunate if those choose to use these influences that is not supportive to the greater good of all. We had Turkey invade Syria as an act of war and major fires in California.

Now let’s talk about the cosmic influences with the sign of Scorpio. In Divine Astrology, those born in November are considered Scorpios. The planet that governs the sign of Scorpio is Pluto.

If you look at the beautiful symbol that represents Scorpio above, it has so much to teach us.
November and Scorpio
Its tail represents the stinger. This reminds us that everything we say, do, and believe is duly noted. We do not want to sting or self-sabotage our wishes, dreams or desires. Nor do we want to speak ill will toward others.

As the saying goes, Karma is exact! For those born in November, keep your thoughts and wishes in good rapport with the Divine. It is lightning fast to your thoughts.

Another powerful aspect of the Scorpion is that it will help you rise like a phoenix rises out of the ashes. Death, Rebirth, Transformation and Transmutation, Metaphysics, Investigators are some keywords to describe this amazing sign. A great metaphor is like the Caterpillar that transforms into the butterfly, says Scorpio.

Now let’s move along here as to other forecasting for November. We left off in October with our favorite planet going into retrograde.
Of course Mercury in retrograde lands right on Halloween day. October 31st, 2019. This Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Scorpio, of which I just described. So we may be thinking about how to rise above and out of things that no longer serve us. Perhaps you may experience transformation within a particular area of your chart. Some may have a death and rebirth within their careers.

I will share even more of how to navigate this in my Retrograde section of the newsletter.

As we move through November, here are some important things to know. Beginning right on November 1st we have Venus move into Sagittarius. This day is considered or known as “All Saints Day.” The Goddess of Love and Beauty meet up with our Visionary and Truthseeker. So look up, gaze at the splendor and beauty of the stars. Envision yourself traveling the galaxies and understanding the cosmic forces.

November 3rd, a gentle reminder to set your clocks back one hour. Is this another hour to slumber?

The Full Moon will be November 12th, 2019. 8:34 AM EST in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is about monies, banks, real estate and material possessions, like furniture.

Exciting news on November 20th is that our favorite messenger of the gods “Mercury” goes direct at 2:12 PM ET. We will slowly come out of the brain fog.

November 25th, the planet of love and beauty makes its way into the sign of Capricorn. Here is where love, the arts and beauty need to meet the practical side of things. What will you be willing to pay for a day at the spa or a new pair of shoes? Capricorn wants to keep things organized but yet understanding Venus needs to be a little trendy and enjoying the finer things of life. Where is that healthy compromise, says Capricorn.

On November 26th, we receive the New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius at 10:06 AM EST. Sagittarius is filled with wonderment and exploration. It also enjoys philosophy, writing and journalism. A great time to start writing a book, publishing or reading one that pertains to something that feeds your Soul.

Neptune goes direct on November 27th, at 7:32 AM EST. More on this later in our retrograde information.

On Thursday November 28th, 2019, may you all have a Blessed and joyous Thanksgiving Day with your friends and family. I am so grateful to each one of you for crossing my path and sharing this amazing journey together!

Retrograde Introspection

A time to go within and reflect on your Spirit!

Last month the question was posed to determine how you were learning from the Pluto retrograde.

This months question is regarding Neptune: Neptune governs the sign of Pisces. We are coming out of the Neptune retrograde on November 27th, 2019.

Some keywords that are helpful are: Subconscious mind, your creative side, imagination, spirituality (your spirit) and dreams.
Retrograde Time
Question Posed: Has something new tapped your imagination or creative spark that reflects your personal spirit or spirituality? Has your dreams been more provocative or revealing.

Where is your November/Scorpio by birth month?

In the Astrological Chart, Scorpio typically governs the 8th house. The 8th house rules legacy, corporate monies, inheritances, lawsuit settlements, surgeries, retirement funds, loans (i.e. home, school etc).

Some Keywords: Death, Rebirth, Transformation, Transmutation & Corporate monies/investments

November: 1st house of innate gifts, abilities and talents

December: 12th house of subconscious, accumulated past lives

January: 11th house of wishes, friends, original experiences, groups of friends

February: 10th house of career, public standing, accomplishments and achievements

March: 9th house of higher learning, mental exploration, philosophies

April: 8th house of legacy, corporate monies, inheritances

May: 7th house of marriage, partners, partnerships, facing the world

June: 6th house of service to the world, co-workers, health

July: 5th house of love, family, romance, creativity, speculations

August: 4th house of home, family and foundation

September: 3rd house of critical thinking, expression, short trips and siblings

October: 2nd house of self-esteem, material possessions and money
Solar Planet lineup

Retrogrades and their Influences

Neptune begins its retrograde phase on June 21st, 2019 to November 27 2019
Mercury Retrograde October 31st, 2019 to November 20th, 2019
Uranus in Retrograde August 11th to January 10 2020

Neptune: Neptune governs the sign of Pisces. This truly reflects your spiritual/religious parts of you. It also refers to your subconscious and hidden (not aware of to the conscious mind) areas of your mind.

Mercury: The planet of communications and expressions. This is a time when electronics, miscommunication, appointments and schedules may go a little haywire. Keep a journal of how you feel during this time. The conscious mind may seem foggy, but realize the subconscious is open for downloads and guidance.

Uranus: The Awakener. The planet referred to as new age, bringing the human race forward. It is about originality and brings forth the new. It will take us out of our comfort zones.

Any planet that goes into retrograde, knowing their influence, it offers us guidance and insight of what to observe within ourselves as we go through these. Take notice of any changes, dreams, patterns, wisdom or lessons.

Moon Phases and Energies

Full Moon: November 12th, 2019 8:34 AM ET in Taurus

This is a time to release and surrender to that which no longer serves you or your path and purpose.

New Moon: November 26th, 2019 10:06 AM EST in Sagittarius

A time to plant new seeds, intentions and goals and nurture them.
Until next time, Safe Astrological Journeys

~ Sister Sage
Sister Sage
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