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Sending out ripples of healing, calming and uplifting energy to all those affected with continuance.
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Sister Sage’s Astrological Report for September and October, 2017

Planets in a row
Wow! Can you all feel the effects of these planetary changes?

As I mentioned in last month's newsletter we had eclipses, five planets in retrograde and the Dragon's head in Leo and Tail in Aquarius influences.

Mercury, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn were all retrograde. Then we have changes with respect to the months of August (Leo) and February (Aquarius) for August of 2017 and then on February of 2018.

We have seen so much happening within ourselves and our planet. It cannot be missed or ignored.

So with a refresh, let’s look ahead and what’s happening for the next two months as I am traveling this month and officiating weddings.


Exhale my friends!

Mercury direct as I write this on September 5th, 2017.

Saturn direct on Friday August 25th, 2017.

Pluto direct on Thursday September 28th, 2017.

Neptune retrograde June 16, 2017 and goes direct on November 22nd, 2017

Uranus retrograde on Thursday August 3rd, 2017 and goes direct on January 2nd, 2018.

For those who have felt the grind in their work or daily lives, the foggy brain effect and wishy washy days are nearing an end. Some feel it more than others and it also determines what area of your chart these planets are located.

Post Eclipse Effects

Having mentioned all the retrogrades, it helps put into perspective what is happening and will continue to unfold over the following days, weeks and months. For some this is making them re-evaluate their lives. It could be work, relationships, health, family or combinations of these areas. It is truly working on the unseen levels within ourselves; the repressed, subconscious, hidden or areas you have simply tried to put on the back burner and now it is looking right at you.

This eclipse may be presenting to you those latent gifts that have not quite been tapped. It could offer you guidance to restructure some things to make your life more balanced.

Moon Sign Effects

Full Moon in Pisces September 6th, 2017

Pisces is such an artistic, creative and fluid sign. If you look at the image of the 2 fishes and the water. Imagine yourself as a divine river that flows and has its own rhythm. No force or resistance. It simply flows. Allow yourself from the 5th to the 8th to capitalize on this time of creativity. It is okay to dream and imagine, for that it is Pisces. The actions will come in the other signs such as Aries.

With Sun and Mars in Virgo it may have you analyzing a bit, but allow that creativity and right brain to have its time, too.
Universe Messages
New Moon Virgo / Libra September 20th, 2017

New moon is a time of new beginnings here. At the same time you get to reap the benefits of your hard work. Much like our farmers who go out and begin picking the harvest that they have labored over. It’s harvest time.

What have you been working on from the beginning of this year? Do you need to balance things a little more, begin planning for next year or simply plan for something new to add on to what you are currently doing? New Moon, plant those seeds and manifest that in which you desire.
Universe Messages
October 2017

Dates between October 3rd and October 8th, 2017. We are leading up to a full moon in the sign of Aries.

Aries is a competitive and aggressive sign. At the same time it is the sign that gets things done with great leadership abilities. It is either the aggressive warrior or the spiritual warrior in action. The choice is yours. Now couple this with a Full Moon. The moon affects our emotions and emotional responses.

Allow your actions (Mars) be toward the greater good of all involved. Ground yourself by being in nature if the energies are too volatile for you. We do not need bullets or missiles firing, as these are Aries energies!

Jupiter Surprise October 10th, 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio commences

Jupiter Keywords: Jupiter is the lucky planet! Growth, Expansion, Opportunity, Spiritual Laws (vs man made laws), publishing, philosophy and theology.

Scorpio Keywords: Passion, intense, investigative, corporate monies, Insurances (all kinds), paranormal, investigative, detective/homicides (police work), mortuary sciences, metaphysics

Read your Birth Month

• Note that this is the general rule and does not include other planetary combinations in your personal chart

Born in November: This combination of Jupiter in Scorpio affects your first house of innate gifts, abilities and natural innate talents. You can utilize any of these keywords to make a combination of your liking. Have you thought about publishing a book or learning how to do investments? A great time to do it. A great time to investigate, learn or write about any of the topics that pertains to the Scorpio world. The lucky planet of Jupiter is sitting right on top of you! There are more keywords if you have Sister Sage’s Astrological Journeys book.

Born in December: This combination of Jupiter in Scorpio affects your twelfth house. This house rules your subconscious and hidden areas.The lucky planet wants to assist you with some subconscious cleaning. Those things that may be latent or hidden can be worked on with a little more ease or luck. A great time to journal. Consider some dream study courses.

Born in January: This combination of Jupiter in Scorpio affects your eleventh house. Oh yes! The eleventh house is all about friendships, new original experiences, hopes and wishes. A time to connect with those advanced souls that are born in November can be a lot of fun. Any work, hobby or exploration into the keywords above of Scorpio can be highly entertaining.

Born in February: This combination of Jupiter in Scorpio affects your tenth house. The lucky planet is sitting right in your house of career, public standing, accomplishments and achievements. Any work, studies, or writings on these subjects are yours to have if you choose. If you enjoy working with money, corporate finances or any investigation type work, this is for you. For you all born in February and the tail of the dragon sitting on top of you, this Jupiter in this tenth house will be helpful.

Born in March: This combination of Jupiter in Scorpio affects your ninth house of higher learning, traveling long distance, philosophy and mental exploration. If you had planned on taking some classes in any of these Scorpio industries for hobby, career or personal development, this is a great time. If you enjoy hospital//medical related work for those born in March, this can be a great time to learn more about phlebotomy, mortuary sciences or crime scene investigations.

Born in April: This combination of Jupiter in Scorpio affects your eighth house of legacy, corporate monies, past life residue and taxes. The lucky planet is touching your 8th house of legacy. A great time to look at your overall investments and financial portfolios. How to make more money or start some new endeavor that dwells in the world of Scorpio (keywords). Are you looking to start a business or buy a house. These are all areas that affect your 8th house. Always make sure you are watching the retrograde phases. Start your new endeavors between a new moon and full moon as a general rule.

Born in May: This combination of Jupiter in Scorpio affects your seventh house of business partners, facing the world, agreements, contracts and relationships and marriage partners. Folks born in May, even if you are not married, this can also apply with business partners and agreements you enter into. Those advance souls born in November can be helpful or instrumental as a business partner or mentor. Those born in May can do well with learning more about the financial industries, investments, property management or real estate. If your desires follow the metaphysical pursuits, this is a great time to find it and do it.

Born in June: This combination of Jupiter in Scorpio affects your June sixth house of health, service to the world, co-workers and working environment. The lucky planet offers you an opportunity to explore the world of Scorpio as either a hobby, volunteer or career if you so choose. Born in June already offers you the desire for mental stimulation, so why not add a little something new within the world of finances, metaphysics or investigative endeavors? The other idea is to write about it.

Born in July: This combination of Jupiter in Scorpio affects your fifth house of love, romance, children, and creativity. For you single ones born in July, a love or romance can be sparked by someone born in November. If not the romance, then by those born in November to assist you in your creative ideas, especially in the world of metaphysics, the macabre, spiritual or investigative endeavors.

Born in August: This combination of Jupiter in Scorpio affects your fourth house of home, family and foundation. Any type of work out of your home that dwells in the world of Scorpio can be so phenomenal for you. The lucky planet is sitting in your home area. Have you considered any work done on your home or even within your home? For those born in August who consider themselves light workers, educators and spiritual leaders can benefit from crystals, sacred rituals and metaphysical work within your home. If you have a website to sell some of these types of products (crystals, incense, sage and so forth) is another lucky opportunity for you.

Born in September: This combination of Jupiter in Scorpio affects your third house of communications, siblings, short trips, thinking and critical thinking. In this house you think like a Scorpio. There is some luck here involving studies or learning anything to do with financial (investments), metaphysical or criminal investigations. Those born in September as a general rule have a methodical way of thinking, so financial planning, accounting for personal or professional is great.

Born in October: This combination of Jupiter in Scorpio affects your second house of self-esteem, money (as in your personal bank accounts) and material possessions. Scorpio rules corporate monies, such as investments, payroll and big banks like Etrade. So you are having luck in both areas, personal and corporate monies. A good time to look over all of your financial portfolios. Exciting yes? A lucky time if you need material possessions such as cars, clothes to furniture, just name it. Those born in October do like balance, much like the scale you see in the courtrooms; this may be a great time to bring balance to your home with Feng Shui. This opens up even more abundance.

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