Dragon's Head and Tail

There are different names for the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail. Some refer to the Dragon’s Head as the North Node of the Moon, both implying luck. The Dragon’s Tail is also referred to as the South Node of the moon, indicating past life or restructure. The significance in each of these is the Dragon’s Head and Tail in one’s natal or birth chart and will indicate many things.

The Dragon’s Head in the Birth Chart is how the person is to learn, develop and attain in this lifetime. Yes, I said this lifetime. Reincarnation is mentioned here. Like mentioned in the above paragraph, it gives the energy of luck and what the Soul is working toward. The other aspect to the Dragon’s Head is to know which house it resides in. For example, does it sit in the house of home and family or career area?

The Tail of the Dragon in the Birth Chart is where we came from in past life. It’s other name is karmic residue. It also reflects the type of energies, patterns or residual effects we might be carrying over into this lifetime. Much like a 401K rollover. Humor! The Dragon’s Tail can test us, because even if it is subconscious we might be doing something that resembles sliding back to what is familiar or comfortable. The idea is to be challenged and move toward the Dragon’s Head for spiritual and soul growth and human evolution.

There is also a Dragon’s Head and Tail that are happening currently out in the Universe. The question becomes how are they affecting you in your Birth chart?

It takes 18.5 years for the same Dragon’s Head and Tail to make a complete revolution back to the same signs. So when doing readings, it is an important question to ask oneself, what was happening back then? This can be you on an individual and also our collective world.

One may notice patterns, themes or cycles in their lives with these Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail changes. It becomes a helpful tool and guide in your soul work.

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