Written: February 25, 2014

Jupiter in Leo commences July 16th, 2014 - August 13th, 2015

Jupiter = luck, growth, expansion and opportunity

Look to Birth Month

These are a general rule unless they have an affliction or negative aspect in their individual natal chart.

Born August - First House. This house represents your inborn talents, traits and gifts. This includes soul’s purpose and outward appearance. If Jupiter is the lucky planet and it represents growth, opportunity and expansion, can you see what this means for you? The lucky planet will bless opportunities with all your inborn gifts and talents. Those born in August have a natural inherent gift of the performing arts, theatrics, television and natural born lightworkers. Many of our actors and actresses are born in August. If you are exploring this avenue, this is a wonderful time to do so. It is a time for sure to let your light shine in all its glory with this planetary combination. Traveling to France, writing a stage play, a romance novel is all-attainable if you desire it. Any work to do for the greater good of children is also blessed by the lucky planet in the sign of Leo. From teaching to writing children’s books, is all a part of this planetary influence. Travel, writing and creative expression is given to you. Shine your light Leo’s!

Born July - Second House This house represents money, personal possessions and Self-esteem. This says it all for you. Luck with money into your personal bank account and material possessions. Remember that material things can be anything from furniture, cars, clothes, jewelry and any other personal possessions. Some days, money can show up as refunds that you forgot about, a lottery ticket or scratch off. You never know the ways or methods money comes to you. Having the sign of Leo in your second house may give you the feeling of wanting to buy the finer things in life. Living like a king or queen with the fine arts, cars, music and the best wines available is what Leo is all about. Jupiter may want to amplify the influence. For those born in July, their home is their castle. These types of material things may bring that security feeling, as they desire security on all levels, especially in their home and foundation of life area.

Born June - Third House This rules critical thinking, siblings, communications, verbal expressions and thoughts. It also rules and affects short trip travels.
You might be born in June, but you can think in terms of a Leo. Since Leo rules children, creativity and the Arts-this offers you a wide variety of ways to express or communicate your feelings and thoughts by writing on these subjects. Those born in June are naturally gifted in the world of communications, journalism and writing. Taking trips to your local performing art venues is another way to enjoy this influence, especially if you have a child or grandchildren to enjoy it with. Another opportunity with these influences is utilize You-Tube and create an account and create videos to promote health, children or the arts. Time to communicate these ideas and expressions. Have your own theatre production right from the convenience of your own town and neighborhood.

Born May - Fourth House of home, family (immediate family members), foundation, upbringing and mother. The lucky planet of Jupiter means growth, expansion and opportunity. If you were thinking of expanding on your home or remodel, here is a great time to do it. Working out of the home also can become lucky. You might find that having dual homes or traveling to a different location that snow-birds do in the winter time, to be a great idea. Buying that beautiful home on top of the hill, gives you a feeling of living like a king or queen says Leo in your 4th house of home. With this combination of stars, it would be good to promote fun parties or gatherings at your home. Anything working to the greater good of children, home, family and the performing arts are highly recommended here.

Born April - Fifth House of love, romance, children, private entertainment and speculations. Those born in April are in luck in the romance department. This could be romance and finding true love. This may be accompanied by lots of travel. If those who are wanting to have a baby, this combination of planets will certainly offer that. Or starting a new project (like a new baby) that involves children, performing arts or even the healing arts. Your 5th house of Leo offers you types of things to do for private entertainment or creativity. Since Leo rules the performing arts, this may be a great time to go travel to some of your favorite performing arts centers and take in a Broadway show! Performing arts or museums can be a wonderful way to spend your time this summer. Find creative ways to explore the arts! Even if it means taking up some fun acting lessons or theatre dance lessons, much like dancing with the stars.

Born March - Sixth House this house represents your service to the world, co-workers, health and working environment, volunteering and hobbies. Your leo falls right in your 6th house of service to the world, health and working environment. Look for Leo’s (born in August specifically) to promote you in your current working status. Perhaps a new position, a raise in salary or a bonus. If you have had any desires to get out and perform by singing, acting or dancing, this is the time to do it. Who says age has anything to do with it! From dancing with the stars to The Voice, or American idol; the choice is yours. Time to show your talents, gifts and abilities. Most people born in March are very crafty and creative. This is the time to shine, share and show the world what you can do. Perhaps a crafts fair is in order. Luck is on your side. Since Leo rules love; don’t be surprised if you find a new love for those born in March in the work place or at a volunteer job.

Born February - Seventh House of marriage, contracts, negotiations, business partners and how you face the world. With the lucky planet of Jupiter right in your 7th house of business partners and contracts, this is a good time to start your business negotiations. Look for those born in August to help promote your wishes in business ventures. Being born in February, your zodiac symbol is that of the “water bearer”. The zodiac image illustrates someone holding the vase of knowledge. Which truly means to take the vase of knowledge and pour into to the minds of your peoples. Share your knowledge through any means possible. i.e. books, blogs, writing a software product, new age technology services and so on. With this planet/zodiac combination anything to further and promote knowledge, the light and wisdom to your children (regardless of their age), is highly encouraged. The Universe wants you to shine in business ventures by promoting knowledge to your peoples.

Born January - Eighth House of legacy, corporate monies, debts, loans, investments, joint monies, inheritances and mortgages. The lucky planet will do just that, bring you luck in any of these areas. Any endeavors toward your legacy, investments, buying or selling real estate is good during this time. The 8th house rules stocks; corporate monies, mortgages, inheritances, life and retirement plan portfolios too. Time to look at good investments. This lucky planet sitting in your 8th house of legacy, offers you approximately one year to really shine and bring forth your natural gifts and abilities to the world.

Question: what kind of legacy do you want to be remembered for? Start there! Jupiter does rule traveling, exploring and mental exploration; so traveling to France (leo) or any location that promotes health and healing such as in Arizona’s resorts are encouraged. (Jupiter) Australia, Spain and Portugal are also highly suggested with these planets and zodiac combinations. Leo rules the performing arts, theatre, and television and There is much luck in any of these avenues. Just pick one or all of them and they are yours. Bringing knowledge to your children regardless of their age is a blessing upon your legacy. The lucky planet will give you that extra special touch to bring this to fruition. Your legacy offering can be done by writing books, blogging and teaching or simply by sharing!

Born December - Ninth House of higher learning, teaching, publishing, long distance traveling and philosophies and theology. Those born in December your 9th house of higher learning is Leo. This is a fantastic time to take a class on something completely different and perhaps adventurous from times past. There is much luck also here given to you to professionally write, journal or publish. For some born in December they have a natural tendency to explore the Universal laws; such as the creative forces, karma and laws of nature. Others enjoy studying naturopathy or veterinarian medicine and so forth. Where as a few others born in December enjoy exploring religion or man made laws. Man-made laws are typically our law enforcement workers. This 9th house is all about higher learning, mental exploration and worldwide travel. It’s a lucky time to enjoy one or all of these areas.

Born November - Tenth House is the house of career, achievements, public standing, accolades, honors and accomplishments. Those born in November, your 10th house of career is Leo. With the lucky planet sitting in the house of career and accomplishments, you cannot miss this target. Even with your eyes closed. This can offer promotions, receiving accolades and even some name recognition. Leo rules children, love, creativity and natural light workers. It also rules performing arts, theatre, museums, television and movie industries. Time to just go out and shine and put your name in the spotlight. This can be done as a hobby, a new venture, volunteer or even a new job if you want!

Born October - Eleventh House is the house of wishes, hopes, dreams, friends, and original experiences. The sign of Leo governs your house of wishes. If you have ever dreamed of singing, acting or dancing in any venue, this is the time to do it. The spotlight is turned on and it wants you to shine and attain your dreams and wishes. Some folks with this combination have formed a band and for fun have begun singing for local clubs and gatherings. This is just one way to use this Leo energy. Whatever bucket list items you have, get your greatest friends and start checking them off by doing them. Further more, any aspirations for teaching, coaching in any capacity are highly recommended here. For your children’s sports team, drama classes or any other performing arts centers. Dream it, wish it and do it!!

Born September - Twelfth House This house represents your secrets, subconscious and unknown enemies. In this house you become a Leo. There may be some hidden away tendencies that have tried to come to the surface to help you shine in the world. The Universe is going to give you some luck with allowing these to become known to your conscious mind. This can be done by being somewhere or with someone and the feeling is elicited by an event or circumstance. It can invoke a feeling of inspiration to guide you or help you on your path and purpose. Some may get these inspirations via day or night dreams. Time to buy a journal and being writing.

~Enjoy the lucky planet in good karma

Sister Sage!