Pluto in Capricorn: Jan. 26, 2008 - Apr. 15, 2023

Written: July 21, 2007

Pluto energy and principles:
Death, Rebirth, Sex and Sex Organs, Legacy, Jealousy, Resentment, Secrets, Metaphysics, Doctors, Surgeons, Regenerate, Criminologist, Crime Scene Investigator, Detective, Criminal Profiler, Private Investigators, Insurance Companies (life, health, auto), Corporate Monies (home loans, retirement plans, 401K, Investment monies, stock market, inheritance, taxes, lawsuit settlements), Police Officers, Fanaticism, Extremes, Transform, Eliminate, Purge and Redeem.

Capricorn energy and principles: City Hall Workers, Police Officers, Public Officials, Public Service, Architects, Political Fundraisers, Hardware Engineers, Structural Engineers, Psychologists, Governors, Government, Organizers, Detailers, Antiques, Ancient Artifacts, Home Builders, Circuit Boards, Life Organizers, City Officials.

Generation Identification explanation:

When Pluto enters a sign it has many different meanings. "Generation Identification" happens to be one of the most important meanings. Everyone at one time or another has mentioned their age generation group. Some were born during the baby boomer generation for example. Using a key word from Pluto is Birth/Regenerate and for Leo it is Children. Therefore, with this combination of key words, we arrive at baby boom generation.

Thus, the traditional interpretation of generation groups is the same, except that we are using astrology.

Pluto in Capricorn Generation:

This is the generation that is going to change government laws when they come into power. Coming into power in this sense is after one has finished college for example and starting their lives and careers.

The areas of change in government are as follows: local, city, state and then the broader forms of government. They will hold the government accountable for its words and actions.

Their mantra will be something similar to "We The People".

In movies we have seen where people storm the white house and bang on their front doors screaming for justice and fairness. Others find themselves at their local city offices demanding to be heard for other inequities.

This generation will have zero tolerance to abuse of power and or corruption of any kind. Anyone who has fallen through the cracks and has gone unattended to their needs, this generation will speak for them.

If this generation was in power today, post hurricane Katrina survivors would have this group to give them a voice. They would use their "generation collective group" to make a difference. The key point here would be that their voice would be loud and change would be much swifter than what is happening now. This generation would have policies in place where the needs of the people would not arrive on the slow boat, but rather with a right here and right now manner.

As to what will transpire within these dates for those of us who are in adulthood, will be a restructuring, change and corrections in our local and federal levels of government. It will happen due to intolerance, frustration and a basic sense of an imbalance to justice and power.

In short what will happen during this reign of Pluto in Capricorn is that the current generations in power will simply begin the process.

Then, when those born after January 2008 and turn approximately 25 years old, there will be change on top of what the current generations have begun. When they get into power, they will no doubt complete the task with intensity like we have not seen to date.

Here are some examples of what we are seeing now. We have Cops on tapes beating people and abusing their power. This is happening in America and could be caught on tape in other countries.

We also see how many of our government officials abuse their power and are brought to our attention faster and more often. The day of internet, bloggers and "youtube" is perhaps just one of the reasons why we are hearing about these issues in almost real-time.

We have immigration marchers in the streets of our major cities rallying to their cause to citizenship.

There are more discrepancies with members of all political parties to our tax system.

There has been a slow roar from people across America and abroad for how those in government positions get away with illegal activities and not punished for it.

When Pluto in Capricorn generation gains full power, there will be no hiding behind the alcohol rehabilitation centers after they have perpretrated, corruption, rape, or any other serious crimes.

So it is "we the people" that are bringing down the hand of justice and holding people accountable for their words and actions. This only intensifies even more when the Pluto in Capricorn generation gets into power.

Geographical Locations affected:

Pluto rules Russia
We will see changes in Russia and the United States. However, England will be the most affected by this Pluto in Capricorn.

As noted above, Pluto rules death and rebirth, like a caterpillar to a butterfly and Capricorn was noted as ruling England. With this combination it is very clear that England will go through a major change.

Capricorn rules England
England will go through major changes and restructuring. This includes everything from social, economic, health-care, educational judicial, administrative, theological and philosophical platforms.

This could be change in taxes, laws, government policies or even government themselves as a whole. This is based on what has worked and what has not.

Remaining stagnate or thwarted in any society will create unease or even unrest. There is an innate concept in each of us that growth is very important regardless of who you are what country you live in. Spiritualists call this "soul growth". There is also something called a "collective growth", which means every person living on this planet.

The question that tends to arise is how, why and when such changes take place? The truth is, all things have not unfolded or been revealed yet. Circumstances may not have happened as of yet to make such changes.

However, as time goes forward, you will begin to see this unfolding of circumstances and then these phases of change will take place. Some changes will be small and others very dramatic.

In terms of the U.S. and after September 11th, 2001; we had to make changes in government policies because of that circumstance and outcome. For starters, there was something called "homeland security" that was ultimately implemented after this horrific tragedy.

So it is possible since England also had violent attacks that they might need to restructure government to meet that circumstance. This is just examples of possibilities. It also can bring about new government laws because the people simply want things better for themselves.

We as a collective society have the potential for positive outcomes for changes that benefit everyone. How does that work you may ask? Well it is simple, it is how you think and feel toward a subject matter.

If you feel that whatever changes must take place, to be done in a way that is beneficial to all mankind, that is creating a healthy change and outcome. If it is filled with hatred, threats and so forth, then the outcome will be offered in a hateful and threatening way. This is similar to the laws of attraction. Like begets like. We do have choice remember in how we act, react or respond.

It is the "we the people" mentality versus it is all for me and no one else. Some people operate from an "I" versus a "We" approach. This also includes "in the name of a religion". People take things to an extreme and ultimately there are extreme outcomes.

Unless and until people realize that regardless of race, color, religion or background, it is a "collective we" at all times. We operate under the same stars, live on the same planet and breathe the same air.

Any person who has an extreme thought in any direction will have an unbalanced position in life. That is a Universal law and principle. No excuses, no exceptions and no justification can be used against this principle.

There is a concept called "Zero Point". The basic premise to this concept is too much of anything in any one direction, thought, action, being or believing is considered not balanced. In otherwords, too much food is not good. Over working is not good. Zero Point is in a harmonious state. It is balanced on all sides. Having the mind, body and spirit in balance is zero point. That is our goal as humans is to operate from this point.

In closing, may England and its peoples find zero point.

People born in January:

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was from 1762-1778.

Those born in the month of January regardless of the day you are born, will receive Pluto, the planet of transformation, sitting right upon their first house of self and innate abilities. This is also their house of natural abilities, soul's purpose, karmic fate and outward appearance.

Those born in January will experience constant inner and outer changes with respect to their innate gifts, physical body and how other people view them.

Those born in the month of January tend to work hard toward achievements, career, recognition, high social standing and accomplishments. It is part of their purpose to do so. Having Pluto in this first house of Capricorn will bring new potentials, while old ones drift away as they are no longer needed.

It is a time called transforming, rebirthing and evolving. In short the word is growth.

Depending on your natal chart, karma and other natal planets, will offer the intensity of how Pluto in Capricorn will affect you. However, for the most part, a rebirth will take place.

This is a time for paradigm shifts my Capricorn friends. How you have thought, acted or even reacted will be revised or changed completely. Life experiences and circumstances is what will bring this about. Pluto is there to help that along.

For some Capricorns they will start new adventures, others will want a total mind, body and spirit make over and others will need to let go of old stuff and allow their innate gifts to surface and be utilized.

Here is something for you Capricorns to think about. Since Pluto represents secrets, hidden and buried treasures within, this is what could be explored and brought out to the open. It could be a talent, how you feel about yourself and or a real wish that you have always desired to have or do.

This time in history "Pluto in Capricorn"

The last time that Pluto was in Capricorn was from 1762-1778. So what was happing during that time frame? Here are some excerpts found on a simple Google Search. Feel free to find different themes or patterns is the key.

What I noticed rather quickly was taxation being implemented, slavery mentioned and different types of trades between countries.

The First Foot Guards

1 March 1776 - French minister Charles Gravier advised his Spanish counterpart to support the American rebels against the English.

5 March 1770 - British troops killed five civilians when they fired into a riotous crowd of demonstrators in Boston. Writing to sympathizers the next day, Sam Adams called the incident 'The Massacre'. In time this became known as the 'Boston Massacre'.

17 March 1776 - The end of the Siege of Boston (Evacuation Day). For almost a year (since 19 April 1775) the siege of Boston remained a stalemate. When General Knox brought heavy cannon from Fort Ticonderoga the tide quickly turned in the Americans' favor, and Boston was reclaimed in a bloodless surrender. The British forces and many Tories departed for Halifax NS.

14 April 1775 - The first public protest against slavery in America was a resolution signed in 1688 by four German Quakers in Germantown, near Philadelphia. It wasn't until nearly a century later that the first anti-slavery organization was formed. Again the place was Philadelphia, and the organizers were Quakers.

18 April 1775 - At the outbreak of the War of American Independence, US patriots Paul Revere and William Dawes rode from Boston to Lexington, warning people as they went that British troops were on their way.

19 April 1775 - By the spring of 1775, relations between the British Crown and the American Colonials had become extremely tense, but both sides had avoided armed conflict. The British Army was officially responsible for enforcing various government decrees that the Colonials found unacceptable; the Colonials, for their part, had formed militias and begun to stockpile weapons and ammunition.

3 May 1747 - The Battle of Cape Finisterre took place, at which the British defeated the French.

4 May 1776 - Rhode Island declared its freedom from England, two months before the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

14 May 1772 - In London, Judge Mansfield ruled that there is no legal basis for slavery in England

18 May 1764 - The British Parliament amended the Sugar Act from a commercial to a fiscal measure, to tax American colonists.

21 May 1767 - Townshend introduced taxes on imports of tea, glass, paper, and dyestuffs in American colonies to provide revenue for colonial administration.

24 May 1764 - Boston lawyer James Otis denounced "taxation without representation," calling for the colonies to unite in opposition to Britain's new tax measures.

14 June 1775 - The United States Army was founded.