Uranus in Aries: May 27, 2010 - May 15, 2018

Written: June 6th, 2010

Retrograde note: Uranus will begin its retrograde motion from Aries back into Pisces. It will re-enter Pisces on August 13th, 2010. From August 13th, 2010 to March 11th, 2011. Then forward motion in Aries March 11th, 2011 and then exits May 15th, 2018

What area of your Birth Chart is the new age planet of Uranus in Aries residing now?
Example Keywords for Uranus/Aquarius/February

• Electronics, Computers, Internet
• Aeronautics, Aviation, Defense, Astronomy, Astrology
• Geology, Genetics, New Age products
• Physics, Time, Space, Energy, Matter, Ley Lines
• Telescopes, Microscopes

• Scientist, Physicist, Astronomer, Mathematician
• Engineer, Information Technology, Electrician
• Humanitarian, Teacher (especially New Age), Inventor
• Astrologers

• Japan, Ley Lines, the Grid

• Inventions, Patents

• Electrical components of body, especially heart
• Seizures

• Earthquakes, Tsunamis, sudden movements
• Volcanoes, Eruptions, Explosions
• Hurricanes, Tornados, Lightning
• Electrical Storms, Solar Flares

• Eccentric, Genius, Intellectual, Pioneers
• Think outside of the box, New Age
• Independent, Freedom Oriented
• Indigo, Autistic tendencies
• Panic attacks, Anxiety/Anxious
• Abruptness
Example Keywords for Aries/Mars/April

• Guns, Bullets, Explosives, Fireworks, Fire
• Knives, Steel
• Atomic Bombs, military weapons

• Military, Leaders/Commanders
• Steel industry, Building Demolitions,
• Football, Boxing (contact sports)
• Car racing, Stunt doubles
• Psychology, Sports psychology
• Action movie (actors or actresses)
• Animal Hunters

• Germany

• Race cars
• Knives, guns, bullets

• Head, Eyes, Nose, Brain
• Sinuses, headaches
• Aneurysms, strokes (cerebral vascular accidents)

• Nuclear testing sites and facilities

• Warriors, Entrepreneurs
• Competitive, Head strong, Accident-prone
• Impatient, Aggressive, Impulsive
It is important and relevant to understand some of the keywords of each zodiac sign and its governing planet. When reading these keywords you can capture the essence and meaning of each one. Then you can combine a keyword from each category and understand its potential in ones own Birth Chart. The stars do not discriminate against anyone or anything. Our stars in our Birth Chart offer each of us an opportunity to use them to the highest good for mankind and ourselves.

Choice is then given to the “Soul” in how it wants to use any of these energies/properties. For example, for those who have a lot of Aquarius in their Birth Chart, this may offer the soul a great deal of high intellect and a possible gift of a “genius” mind. The question becomes to that soul, how will you use this mental gift? Is it to the betterment of mankind or destroying mankind?

Combining the keywords also offers us information with respect to other areas of interest, such as technology, environment, health, medical and other topics that affect us globally.

With respect to technology, we can see advancement in the areas of computers, transportation systems, aeronautics, satellites and other hi-tech equipment.
Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, which is all about new age, futuristic ideas, concepts and theories.
Another topic of discussion will be about the functionality of our Grid system. There will be more theories and ideas on how to utilize, update or how to work with our grid system over the next 8 years.
Hi-tech weapon advancement will also take place with this Uranus/Aries combination. Some examples are in the areas of robotic technology, advanced cameras, explosive materials, planes, bombs and other similar weaponry for our Military institutions.

There will be an influx or more than usual amount of people having strokes, aneurysms, seizures and those types of medical circumstances. At the same time we may see more medicines and modalities in preventing or alleviating these conditions. This illustrates how the energies of the stars can be used, i.e. for the good of mankind and modern medicine.

Uranus in Aries combination can or will raise our consciousness level to a much higher vibrations. It has been documented that the Earth is speeding up faster and faster. The “Schumann Factor/Resonance” measures the Earths pulse and vibration. The vibration had registered 7.8 Hertz (Hz). It is said that this 7.8 Hz has been this way for hundreds perhaps thousands of years. Since around 1980 it has begun to increase and now measures approximately 11 to 12 Hz. There are some theories that by the year 2012 it may be around 15 Hz.

So with this said, we may see an increase in Energy Medicine utilized more. Also more discussions and articles published on these related topics.
When Massage Therapists talk about grounding themselves before a therapeutic session with a client, this is where they utilize the Earth’s vibration. They attune themselves with the “heart beat” or vibration of the Earth. They do this by telling their mind, body and spirit to harmonize with that same frequency. Give the mind/body directions and it will follow the command.

Weather will be more intense with respect to electrical storms, volcanoes, tsunamis, tornados and earthquakes. This also means with a greater intensity for any of these natural phenomena’s.
There will be more books, information and knowledge on Ley Lines and our electrical grid.
One specific area that will need to be watched more closely for Earthquakes is Japan and areas in which are surrounded by water i.e. Indonesia, Philippines, etc.
Some people think Full Moons are triggers for earthquakes. The New Moon applies to this phenomenon as well.

All the career areas mentioned in the keyword section will go through major technological changes and advancements.
We will see quantum leaps in technology and equipment over the next 8 years. We think every day that we wake up, yesterday’s technology automatically seems antiquated. This will only increase and intensify. Just when you thought you learned something new, think again, it is outdated.
On a positive note, those who work in the medical and computer sciences industries may reap the benefits of the Uranus/Aries combination. This also includes Electrical Engineering and Aerospace industries.

Japan (Aquarius) and Germany (Aries).
These areas will go through changes, some of which can be technological, environmental and military.
Because Aquarius/Aries rules earthquakes, explosions, fires, volcanoes, tsunamis- these areas mentioned can be more prone to this energy influence.

Some people believe that history repeats itself. Similar circumstances, yet different year or era is how it is expressed.

It is important then to look for these cycles, patterns and themes. The clues are there. All we need to do is look back into time and determine what took place and when.

Last date Uranus in Aries: From April to October 1927, again from January 1928 until May 1934, and from October 1934 to March 1935.

A sample list of what took place during the last Uranus/Aries combination that began in 1927 to 1935. Almost 84 years ago.

  • Stock market crash 1929
  • The United States and Europe were in an economic crisis.
  • Military were increasing their power in Germany, Italy and Japan.
  • Japan and China went to war.
  • Unrest built up and which ultimately led to World War II.
  • First Transatlantic phone call from US to London
  • 8.6 Earthquake in China that killed 200,000 people
  • Charles Lindberg flies solo direct from New York City to Paris as the first solo transatlantic flight.
  • Amelia Earhart becomes first woman to pilot an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Alexander Flemming discovered Penicillin in 1928.
  • Adolf Hitler declares himself the fuhrer Of Germany after becoming President and Chancellor August 2nd 1934.
  • The luxury liner Queen Mary is launched in Scotland. 1934
  • The Securities Exchange Act passed -Securities Exchanged Commission (SEC). 1934
  • The Peoples car ( Volkswagen Beetle ) is launched in Germany